About Christian Riese Lassen, Artist

"Painting is my life's long journey."

Artist Christian Riese Lassen has been recognized the world over for more than 20 years for his unique art and vision. Regarded as the premier marine artist of our time, his majestic paintings inspire appreciation and awareness of Mother Earth. Raised on the island of Maui, the self taught artist and avid surfer found his original influence in nature and from the ocean and has translated this intimate knowledge into enchanting and popular works of art that have brought us closer to marine life than ever before.

Christian Riese Lassen’s super-realistic series of marine paintings, featuring whales, dolphins and fish seen both above and below the ocean's surface are stunning "multi-environmental" paintings. The "Two Worlds" style is an eloquent statement about the interconnection of the Earth's bio-systems and made the artist internationally famous almost overnight.

"The thing about art and surfing is: a wave is like an empty canvas. I try to do something new and different with each; every time," says Mr. Lassen. In truth, Mr. Lassen places color, light and contrast so beautifully, he creates such intensity and drama, it can be difficult to take your eyes off of his pieces.

Selected by the United Nations as Goodwill Ambassador for 1998, International Year of the Ocean, Mr. Lassen created the painting "Sanctuary" for the United Nations commemorative stamp for "Ocean Preservation". Mr. Lassen has also partnered with the Walt Disney Company incorporating Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, into 3 original Lassen art works and related projects.

Seavison, a non-profit foundation dedicated to preserving the marine environment and wildlife, is of paramount importance to Mr. Lassen stating, "I believe in making a difference through my art. In my work, I seek to act as a messenger, alerting people all over the world to the deterioration of the global environment and to the need for greater understanding and respect for the world’s diverse cultures."

Additionally, Christian Riese Lassen has been recognized on TV, magazines and film, with appearances in Life Styles of the Rich and the Famous, 20/20, Baywatch, CNN, ESPN, Travel Channel and numerous others in the US and in Japan. Mr. Lassen, a published poet, writer and musician, studies the martial arts of Judo and Tae Kwon Do while keeping his surf skills sharp by skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

Mr. Lassen is never satisfied, as he says his "work is his ultimate seduction". As Mr. Lassen’s work matures, he seeks "simplicity, reality and truth". In his latest exploration, Mr. Lassen is creating a series that is totally new and unique by blending his original painting techniques with hi-tech digital imagery. This Zen-like journey to find balance between the digital and organic world is not unlike his exploration of multiple worlds above and below the ocean or in and out of multiple art styles. An adventurous spirit comes naturally to Christian Riese Lassen, as his mother taught him, "Reach for the stars; you can always take the moon!"

Christian Riese Lassen is internationally renowned and collected. Please visit our New Release Gallery or Popular Pieces to experience Christian Lassen’s art!

“Mr. Lassen spending a joyful moment in the warm waters of Tahiti with one of his lifelong friends.”