GALLERIES: Seascapes

After the Storm

Amber Dawn

Amethyst Eve

Arabian Nights

Bay of Secrets


Beckoning Light

Beyond Hana's Gate

Blue Dawn

Blue Hana Moon

Blue Moon

Brilliant Passage

Calling of the Honu

Celestial Harmony II

Cliffs of Kapalua

Cosmic Serenity

Crystal Falls III

Crystal Falls IV

Danse Des Dolphins

Dawn of A New Era

Dawn of Diamond

Dawn of Hope

Dawn of Light


Divine Kingdom

Dolphin Companion

Dolphin Hug

Dolphin Romance

Dynamic Orcas III

Enchanted Eve

Enchanted Eve II

Endless Dream

Endless Night

Endless Passion



Eternal Desire

Eternal Embrace

Eternal Rainbow Sea IV

Falling In Love Again

Fantastic Journey

Fantastic Ocean

Firefly Fantasy

Fleming Beach

Free Spirit

Glory Of The Sea

Golden Eve

Golden Moment

Great Answer

Hana Coast

Harmonious Orcas

Hawaiian Dawn

Hawaiian Embrace (Emerald)

Hawaiian Embrace (Full Color)

Hawaiian Night

Hawaiian Sunset - 1975


Heaven on Earth

Heaven's Path (part of the Illumination Suite)

Heavenly Vista

Ho'okipa Solitude

Homeport - Home from the Sea

Homeport II

Illumination Suite- incl. Heaven's Path, Seeking the Light, Illuminations

Illuminations (part of the Illumination Suite)

Imperial Glow

Imperial Moment

Indigo Night

Infinite Light

Island Romance

Island Sunrise

Kapalua Starlight

Lahaina Harbor Shores

Lahaina Starlight

Lahaina Starlight II

Lahaina Symphony

Love of My Life

Love Reef

Luna Le Soleil

Maui Dawn

Maui Daybreak

Maui Daybreak 2001

Maui Glow

Maui Gold

Maui Magic

Maui Moon

Maui Moon Bay

Maui Moon II

Maui Moon III

Maui Night

Maui Sunset

Midnight Blue

Midnight Dreams

Molokai Enchantment

Molokai Sunrise

Moonlit Bay

Moonlit Cove

Moonlit Serenity

Moonlit Surf

Morning Glory

Mother's Devotion

Mother's Sunrise

Mount Fuji

Mystic Voyage

Mystical Journey

Napili Cove

Night Dancer

Night of Passion

Ocean Roar

Orca Moon

Orca Moon Panorama

Orca Sanctuary


Paradise Found

Paradise Moon

Parentheses in Eternity

Pas de Deux (E)

Pathway to Heaven

Peaceful Lahaina Eve

Peaceful Lahaina Eve II

Pearls of Paradise

Prelude to Twilight

Romance of the Sea

Ruby of the South Pacific

Sapphire Nights

Sea Vision

Secret Cove

Secret Falls

Secret Place

Seeking the Light (part of the Illumination Suite)


Serenity II

Shining Dolphins

Silent Illusion IV

Star Dancer

Sunset Dreams

Surrender II

Swim in the Moon

Tahitian Dreams

Temple of Light

The Blue World

The Blue World (Moon)

The Blue World (Star)

The Falls of Hana

The Great Answer

The Great Search

The New Day

Tranquil Moment

Treasure's Dream

Tropical Dusk

Tropical Eve

Tuneful Waves

Twilight in Paradise

Twin Falls

Valley of Grace

Velvet Memories

Waikiki Romance

Waimea Blue

Whisper of the Moon

Window to Eternity