Ancient Mysteries
Arabian Nights
Beyond Hana's Gate
Blue Dawn
Blue Moon
Cubist Face Collage
Cubist Madonna Blue
Cubist Madonna Green
Cubist Madonna Magenta
Day Dream
Dolphin Love
Endless Dream
Eternal Embrace
Free Spirit
Great Answer
Hawaiian Embrace (Emerald)
Hawaiian Embrace (Full Color)
Heaven's Path (part of the Illumination Suite)
Illumination Suite- incl. Heaven's Path, Seeking the Light, Illuminations
Illuminations (part of the Illumination Suite)
Imperial Majesty
Lahaina Harbor Lights
Lahaina Harbor Shores
Melissa Purple
Midnight Blue
Moonlit Cove
New Hope III
Our Planet
Paradise Found
Parentheses in Eternity
Peaceful Moment
Peaceful Moment (reflective)
Precious Love II
Seeking the Light (part of the Illumination Suite)
Serene Sanctuary
Space Odyssey II
Space Odyssey III
Square Face Collage
The Great Answer
The Trinity
Varua Moana
Velvet Memories

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