Together We Can Turn The Tide

Mr. Lassen wrote this song one day in his passionate concern about the state of our oceans. You are listening to him sing it now.

Christian Riese Lassen, a concerned environmentalist, founded Sea Vision in 1990. The Mission of this foundation is to protect and preserve the oceans, its sea life and ecosystems and to raise awareness for the preservation of the world’s environments.  Raised in Hawaii on the island of Maui, Lassen is incredibly passionate about protecting the magnificence of the sea and its infinite diversity of expression.

“It is my hope that my artwork allows people to feel closer to nature.  I want to communicate the beauty of unspoiled oceans and land and express my respect for the many creatures living in the sea environment.  All of my inspiration for my marine life paintings come from direct experience.  I have always lived and played in the ocean since a small child and it has been the biggest influence on my life.  Because of my love of surfing, it has brought me to various parts of the world to experience and appreciate the fragile balance of many different marine environments.  I have gained so much from the ocean and without my connection to it, I would have never found my true calling or become an international artist.  I wanted to give back to the ocean that has given so much to me and so I started Sea Vision.” - Christian Riese Lassen

In 1998, the United Nations asked Mr. Lassen to create an above-and-below Marine painting "Sanctuary," for the United Nations commemorative stamp for ocean preservation. Christian was honored as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for 1998's International Year of the Ocean, and as a featured speaker for them at major environmental events around the world.


As the matriarch of the Lassen family, Mrs. Carol Lassen was appointed executive director of Sea Vision by her son at its inception in 1990.  For over nineteen years, until her passing on May 30th, 2009, Mrs. Lassen continued the Lassen family legacy of contributing, honoring and respecting the earth and all of its inhabitants by leading Sea Vision with the same passion that her son utilizes to create his famous works of art.  She personally worked with hundreds of organizations and felt this was her life’s purpose.

In keeping the tradition alive, Mr. Lassen appointed his sister, Dianne Lassen Winter, to carry on since their mother's passing. She emulates their mother's spirit and passion and strives to continue the traditions that take seriously the responsibility of Sea Vision’s goals.  As a current collector or an admirer of this inspired works, we ask that you join in Sea Vision’s dream to protect our nature’s treasures and of making our world a place we can all be proud to share with future generations.

Here are just some of the organizations that Sea Vision has supported for many years:

(All testimonials authorized on 5/5/2010)

Clean Ocean Action
“Your involvement also allows us to speak with a louder voice.”
Cindy Zipf - Exec. Director

Cousteau Society
“We could not do this without people like you”
Francine Cousteau – President

Earth Trust
“This gift, is very much appreciated…Your own vision impressed Don…(Director)”
Sue White – Treasurer

Earth Island Institute
“in these challenging times, we are particularly grateful for your steady and generous gifts.”
John A. Knox –Executive Director

Green Peace
“Ms.Lassen, Thank you so much for supporting our oceans’ work!”
Allison MacBride
Partners in Action
For: Philip Radford – Executive Director

Marine Mammal Conservancy
“Thank you for your donations, they are a big help to a small non-profit like MMC.”
Robert G Lingenfelser Jr.

Ocean Futures Society
“Your contribution will allow us to continue the work of speaking on behalf of the ocean and we appreciate your lending your voice in this way.”
Jean-Michael Cousteau

Polar Bears International
“Your generous donations have allowed us to understand the sizes of the cubs that come out of the dens and the overall condition, and how these challenging times in the high arctic have affected the polar bears. We could not do this without people like you, you are the best and we truly appreciate everything you have done.”
Robert Buchanan

On behalf of Sea Vision and Christian Riese Lassen, we thank you for caring about our earth and making a difference in this Mystical Journey called life.