Great Master

Christian Riese Lassen

Contemporary Great Master

Christian Riese Lassen

For the past three decades, legendary artist Christian Riese Lassen has been known all over the world for his majestic works of art.

His world is a blend of the real and the imaginary, with magnificent underwater scenes with dolphins and other sea animals, as well as seascapes and landscapes of unparalleled beauty and harmony.

His white horse paintings are considered to be the most complex and breath-taking depictions of the animal known as one of the most difficult to portray. Christian’s brushes and paints make them come to life; you can almost hear them galloping when staring at those glorious creatures.

Enter Christian’s
Fantasy Real World…

Christian loves, creates and needs perfection, so his world is exquisite, bright and colorful, like angelic dreams. His palette conjures true magic with his spectacular colors and unparalleled precision of techniques.

He was born with an innate sense of beauty and an otherworldly knowledge of techniques and methods, as if taught by supernatural beings. He never went to art school nor apprenticed. He is strictly self-taught and his talents have always surprised everybody since his early childhood.

Nobody could explain how he possessed these mystical gifts. His knowledge of both human and animal anatomy comes as a puzzle even to himself, as he was never taught any of this.

The precision of his work showcases his amazing ability to schedule ahead and his extreme organizational skills. Being an artist is the only career he has ever had. He was born to be an artist and his paintings are in museums and exclusive private collections all over the world.